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My name is Eddy, and I’m the guy running this PoE Network Switch site, working as a network engineer by day and a network blogger by night – talk about taking your job home. The idea for this site came after years of helping friends and family with their home networks. I thought to myself, why not make a website about it?

PoE Network Switch is here to help you choose the right networking equipment for your home. And we don’t just review them. We put them through rigorous, hands-on tests to make sure they actually deliver in the real world. This includes testing the speeds, the coverage, the interface, and much more. All to make sure you get the best ones on the market.

And with the help of the team here at PoE Network Switch, we have created this resource for anyone looking to upgrade their home network. This is to help you make the best and easiest choices possible! We strive to build a bridge to connect IT hardware to people and the world. I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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