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Best 10GB PoE Switch In 2024: Buyer’s Guide

2.5GbE PoE switches received great popularity in the last few years. Gradually, 10GbE PoE switches are now adopted for use in enterprise environments. They offer four times faster speed than 2.5GbE switches. You can consider investing in a 10GB PoE switch to benefit from fast and secure data transmission over the same Ethernet cable for the LAN. These PoE switches support wide bandwidth and jumbo frame bandwidth. Usually, they have enough ports to support cutting-edge connectivity solutions. They are commonly used for interconnecting routers. They are also useful for connecting servers in data centers to build a Spine-Leaf network.

For technology enthusiasts, professional video editors, gamers or enterprise video surveillance systems that demand higher broadband speeds, a 10GbE PoE switch is a decent solution. It helps them build an efficient 10G network. They provide benefits like fewer bottlenecks, low latency, spare bandwidth, a simple virtualized environment, low power consumption rack space efficiency, expansion flexibility, etc. You can easily get familiar with the best 10GB PoE switch meeting your needs by reading the following section.

List of The Best 10GB PoE Switch

Check out the thorough reviews of the best 10GB PoE switch in 2024 below.

1. NETGEAR 10-Port Ultra60 PoE 10G Switch (MS510TXUP)


You can benefit from energy-efficient data transmission with this best 10GB PoE switch on the list. Those organizations that purchase infrastructure for long-term use and need future-proofing can now set up their PoE+ and PoE++ devices with this Netgear PoE switch. It provides an excellent power budget of 295W.

NETGEAR Ultra60 10GB PoE switch supports 2.5G / 5G /10G speeds to ensure fast data transmission. It works perfectly with the WiFi 6 access point that contains a 2.5G Ethernet port. It is easy to set up this PoE switch in rackmount or desktop placement. All required mounting hardware is included in the pack.

Key Features

  • The switch offers four multispeed (auto-adapt) Gigabit PoE+/PoE++ RJ-45 ports. They support 1G and 2.5G transmission speeds.
  • It contains four multi-speed Gigabit PoE+/PoE++ RJ-45 ports. They support 1G, 2.5G, 5G, and 10G transmission speeds.
  • Each of the two SFP+ fiber uplink ports supports 1G and 10G transmission speed.
  • Each of the five multi-Gig Ethernet ports automatically determines the speed required by the connected device. Subsequently, it delivers sufficient connection speed.
  • The built-in smart software boasts an easy-to-use interface. It provides managed control for safe access, setup, and SNMP (NMS 300) management.
  • NETGEAR Insight support allows the switch to remotely supervise your networks from anywhere.
  • It is implemented with advanced PoE features like uninterrupted PoE for robust PoE applications.

Pros And Cons

  • Supports Insight Cloud Management
  • Easy desktop or rack mount
  • IEEE802.3az Energy efficient compliant
  • Quiet operation
  • Lacks L2+ features
  • Memory fetching issue

2. Ubiquiti Networks UniFi 6-Port 10GB PoE Switch (US-XG-6POE)


The Ubiquiti 10GB PoE switch is a fully managed Layer 2 switch equipped with four Gigabit RJ45 802.3bt PoE++ ports. This Ubiquiti switch provides a set of Layer 2 features and integrates Layer 3 features like static routing, inter-VLAN routing, and DHCP server. Every 10G PoE++ port offers up to 60W PoE power. So, the switch is perfect for use with UniFi UAP SHD, UniFi UAP XG, and UniFi BaseStation XG.

Key Features

  • Each of the four 802.3bt PoE++ ports supports 1/2.5/5/10G transmission speeds.
  • The 802.3bz-compliant ports prolong the Multi-Gigabit range on existing cabling.
  • Two SFP+ uplink ports(supports 10G speed)  provide link aggregation for increased availability and higher capacity.
  • The switch is powered by an external 210W power supply with a DC connector.
  • UniFi Network mobile app and UniFi Network Controller allow admins to constitute and virtually supervise all the features of the switch in a user-friendly graphical user interface from anywhere.

Pros And Cons

  • Sleek and slim design
  • Ease of installation and management with UniFi
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Works quietly
  • It only offers 4 10GB PoE++ ports

3. QNAP 20-Port 10GbE and 2.5GbE Managed PoE Switch


This QNAP 20-port PoE switch delivers power and smartly manages all the powered devices including IP cameras, wireless APs, digital signage, and EPOS. Its versatility and plenty of ports make it one of the best 10GB PoE switches for various PoE applications. Moreover, it is well-known for solving bandwidth limitations to improve your access and storage experience.

The QNAP 10GbE PoE switch not only assists businesses to develop a high-speed wireless LAN infrastructure, but it also offers robust network uplinking capabilities. It can supply PoE to powered devices of smart access control systems, IP surveillance systems, and self-help kiosks.

Key Features

  • Two 10GBASE-T ports support five different speeds (100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G). You can operate these ports in any of these ports when used with the existing cables.
  • Two 10GbE SFP+ ports can connect the core switches, routers, NAS, and Internet. So, they meet the high bandwidth requirements of robust data centers or networks.
  • The total power budget of the switch is 280W. It fulfills the demands of high-powered devices (PDs).
  • Layer 2 management features like VLAN, LACP, LLDP, and ACL are supported to provide network security and bandwidth management.
  • QNAP Switch System is implemented with Web GUI and features to streamline network setup and management.

Pros And Cons

  • Comprehensive Layer 2 management
  • Backbone network uplinking capabilities
  • Cost-effective centrally managed LAN deployment solution
  • User-friendly web interface with many options
  • Medium sized, quiet, boots quickly
  • Can’t add names/descriptions to ports or VLANs in web UI
  • No PoE stats via SNMP

4. NETGEAR 28-Port 10GB PoE Switch (GS728TXP)


The stackable structure of this Netgear PoE switch is designed for rackmount or desktop placement. It contains 24 Gigabit PoE ports (total power budget of 195W) and two 10G SFP+ Ethernet ports. All the required mounting hardware is contained in the box. This 10GB PoE switch protects your network against the hassle of unanticipated repairs and expenses. Its whisper-quiet design is suitable for use in your home and office or business environment.

Key Features

  • Smart software boasts an easy-to-use interface. It lets you control the features for secure access, setup, and SNMP (NMS 300) management.
  • ProSAFE Lifetime Protection and Lifetime Limited Hardware Warranty are included.

Pros And Cons

  • IEEE802.3az Energy efficient design compliant
  • The web interface supports all configurations
  • Quiet operation
  • No additional hardware required
  • High price

5. D-Link 28 Port 10GbE PoE Switch (DGS-1510-28XMP)


This D-Link PoE+ switch can conserve power without compromising operational functionality or performance. This is possible because it is implemented with the D-Link Green 3.0 technology. From a power conservation viewpoint, it can be one of the best 10GB PoE switches to consider.

It is perfect for SMB networks with huge bandwidth demands that need Physical Stacking, 10G uplinks, and L3 Static Routing. Moreover, it is designed in a single-stack configuration to allow easy and simultaneous configuration, troubleshooting, and management. The switch is implemented with advanced security and management features identical to those of a fully managed switch, at the price of a smart switch.

Key Features

  • It contains twenty-four PoE/PoE+ ports (10/100/1000BASE-T speeds) and four SFP+ ports (10G speed).
  • It supports PoE/PoE+ (802.3at) energy-efficient Ethernet standard with a 370W power budget. Hence, the switch will automatically reduce power usage when traffic is low.
  • The security features implemented are Safeguard Engine, IP-MAC-Port binding, ACL, ARP Spoofing Prevention, and IPv6 Neighbor Discovery / IPv6 management / IPv6 static routing.
  • Auto Voice VLAN and Auto Surveillance VLAN (ASV) are implemented. These features make the switch suitable for video surveillance and VoIP applications.
  • The web-based management interface and D-Link Network Assistant Utility allow administrators to remotely control the network to the port level.

Pros And Cons

  • Protection against traffic flooding
  • Fault-tolerant ring stacking implemented
  • Supports Layer 3 Traffic Management
  • Implemented with extensive Layer 2 features
  • Low power consumption
  • Poor manufacturer documentation
  • Slightly loud fan

How To Pick The Best 10GB PoE Switch?

You can end up buying the best 10GB PoE switch if you consider the following factors.

1. Managed or Unmanaged

Managed 10Gb PoE switches are well-known for offering optimized network performance. Generally, they are suitable for organizations that need to achieve traffic control, security monitoring, and custom management for their heavy workloads. The management UI lets you customize the switch’s functions. These switches are also suitable for people who don’t want to customize their network.

Unmanaged 10Gb PoE switches are configuration plug-and-play switches. No customized control and management functionalities are supported for operators. These switches are useful to those who want to set up a network and let it operate automatically. The management console is absent in unmanaged 10Gb PoE switches. So, they are typically less flexible.

2. Stackable or Standalone

Data expansion and network upgrades are common in data centers. In such cases, more switches are needed for connecting the increasing number of devices. When installing a standalone switch, operators have to individually control each switch. Moreover, it is a complex process to add new switches. Hence, standalone 10Gb PoE switches are commonly used in small business networks. The stackable 10Gb PoE switches are suitable for larger enterprises because they can boost network availability and simplify network management.

3. Backward compatibility

It is important to prioritize this factor if you want to connect the cabling or legacy device. If you have previously used copper cables for network deployment then a 10GBASE-T switch is recommended. The reason is it provides backward compatibility with 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gbps speeds. You can consider a 1GBASE-T switch with a few SFP+ uplink ports to upgrade to 10G networks when you are connecting legacy devices. A 10GbE SFP+ switch is recommended if optic fibers were previously used for network deployment.

4. Operating noise

When choosing a 10Gb PoE switch for home use, you need to prioritize smart fan design. In addition to creating a quiet environment, the smart fans offer excellent cooling performance and decrease power consumption.

5. Network security features

It is inevitable to buy the best 10GB PoE switch implemented with network security features. You can look out for certain features like ARP Spoofing Prevention, IP-MAC-Port binding, ACL, Safeguard Engine, IPv6 static routing, etc. to ensure safe transmission and network security.

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking 10GB PoE Switch

1. Can a 10Gb PoE switch be useful to power VoIP phones?

VoIP phone is the original and most common PoE application and has a single connection to a wall socket. If you have a 10Gb PoE switch, you only need a data network cable to power a VoIP phone. These switches support business communication and decreased the deployment costs of VoIP. You can remotely power down this switch.

2. How to choose a copper cable for a 10Gb PoE switch?

You need to consider different data transmission requirements like transmission length, transmission rate, etc. when choosing a copper cable for a 10Gb PoE switch. Cat5 cable is a decent choice for short-distance transmission.2.5 to 5Gb Ethernet data rates are needed for the high-wattage PoE application. Therefore, HDBase-T cables are recommended. Cat7 and Cat8 cables are suitable for premium applications that offer supreme efficiency. Cat8 is the latest type of copper cable that provides efficient performance with a maximum transmission speed of 25GB at stable channels.

3. Which are the common cable types for 10Gb PoE switches?

Two widespread cable types for 10Gb PoE switches are pure copper cable and copper-clad aluminum (CCA). The appropriate choice of cable material can boost the transmission efficiency of the PoE switch. Pure copper cables are used in traditional PoE applications and are expensive. The copper-clad aluminum cables are cost-effective but may create disruptions during PoE transmission.

The copper-clad aluminum cables produce high resistance leading to excessive heat generation in the long run. Conversely, pure copper cables produce less heat generation and less resistance. So, they are suitable for long-term usage without any adverse effect on the data transmission speed.

Final Thoughts

These 10Gb PoE switches deploy a single cable as a medium for both power supply to PDs (like IP cameras, Wireless access points, and VoIP phones) and data transmission.  If you are planning to deploy a security camera, IP phone, and more such network devices then it is recommended to consider the best 10GB PoE switch meeting your needs. The reason is these switches support data and power transmission on the same network cables. They prove to be more economical and less time-consuming for cable installation. Your buying decision for a 10Gb PoE switch can depend on your network environment, the number of ports required, managed vs. unmanaged, and network future-proofing.

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  1. I updated my home network with a new modem and a new router but needed a switch to bring it all together. I was looking for a smart switch that would give me the ability to do ling aggregation, provide PoE and VLAN. So I picked up the NETGEAR 10G PoE switch. Well, not only does this provide me with those options, it has a whole lot more for me to play with. One of my most favorite things about it is that the GUI is very user friendly and allows you to label every port as well as provide drop down menus for almost anything you want to change. In my opinion, if you are an advanced home networker in need of a switch, this is the one you want because of its options, flexibility and the outstanding customer support that comes with it.

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