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What is a PoE switch used for?

The application of PoE switches in the security industry has brought a qualitative change to the video surveillance system. PoE switches can supply power to PoE terminal devices such as wireless APs and network cameras through network cables. The transmission distance can reach 100m, and the installation is simple, plug and play. It is very suitable for wireless city, security monitoring and other industries.

What is a PoE switch used for?

What is a PoE switch?

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the use of IP-based terminals such as IP phones, wireless LAN access points APs, and network cameras without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. While transmitting data signals, it can also provide DC power supply technology for such devices. PoE is also known as a local area network-based power supply system (Power over LAN) or active Ethernet. This is the latest standard specification for simultaneous transmission of data and electric power using existing standard Ethernet transmission cables, and maintains compatibility with existing Ethernet systems and users.

Application of PoE switch in security system

The application of PoE networking in the security industry mainly has the advantages of simplified wiring, energy saving and flexibility, safety and convenience. As we all know, in addition to the need to transmit video signals through network cables, general network cameras must also provide sufficient power for them around the clock. In actual construction, it often happens that the installation site of the camera has to be redesigned because of the inability to provide a stable power supply. As a result, redesigning the installation site may lead to monitoring dead angles, making monitoring meaningless.

  1. Flexibility, PoE only needs to install and support one cable, which is simple and space-saving, and the device can be moved at will;
  2. Cost saving, video surveillance cameras, etc., need to be installed in places where it is difficult to deploy AC power supply, PoE makes it no longer need expensive power supply and time spent on installing power supply, saving cost and time;
  3. Intelligent power supply, DC power supply is like data transmission, PoE can monitor and control equipment by using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP);
  4. Eliminate hidden dangers of power supply safety. The PoE power supply device will only supply power to the equipment that needs power supply. Only when the equipment that needs power supply is connected, the Ethernet cable will have voltage, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line;
  5. Advantages of centralized power supply, a single UPS can provide power supply for all related equipment during power failure;
  6. Advantages of device compatibility, users can automatically and safely mix original devices and PoE devices on the network, and these devices can coexist with existing Ethernet cables;
  7. Make the network equipment easy to manage. When the remote equipment is connected to the network, it can be remotely controlled, reconfigured or reset;
  8. In the network camera LAN, PoE can simplify the test task, and the access point can be easily moved and connected.

Application of PoE switch in wireless network

The PoE switch can be deployed between the aggregation switch and the wireless AP, or between the ONU and the wireless AP in the PON network. By choosing 8-port, 16-port, and 24-port PoE switches with different port densities, it can be deployed in hot spots with different user densities. Among them, the networking mode of aggregation switch + PoE switch is very suitable for deployment in areas with dense users. At present, this method is often used in the construction of WLAN projects in universities. The PoE switch solution has a wide range of applications and a large number of deployments. It is currently the mainstream choice of many engineering companies. It is widely used in wireless AP and network camera networking. The solution adopts AP+AC mode to facilitate centralized management, and uses PoE power supply to save labor costs.

Cable selection for PoE switch

The safe transmission distance of PoE power supply is 100 meters, and it is recommended to use Cat5e full copper network cable or above. The non-standard network cable materials on the market mainly include copper-clad steel, copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad iron, etc. These network cables have high resistance and are not suitable for PoE power supply. PoE power supply must use network cables made of oxygen-free copper, that is, standard network cables. PoE power supply technology has high requirements on wire materials. It is recommended that in the monitoring project, do not save costs on wire materials, the gain outweighs the gain.

Can the PoE switch be used for secondary switching?

PoE only solves the problem of power supply and will not affect the signal. (Generally, the power supply uses four wires 4, 5, 7, and 8, while the signal is four wires 1, 2, 3, and 6). If you want to use a multilayer switch , you only need to let the switch closest to the camera supply power to the camera, and the switches behind do not need to have anything to do with PoE.

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